Ok, so you drew the short straw. You have to find a gift for the adventurer who has everything. Your standard go-to for outdoor junkies no longer applies. But don’t fret. Even avid adventurers need new equipment sometimes. Here’s what to buy the adventurer who already has everything.

The adventurer who has everything

10 Gifts for the Adventurer Who Has Everything


1. A GPS Tracker or Membership

If you’re stressing about finding the right gift for the adventurer in your life, chances are that you care about them, right? Whether they’re a climber, camper, backpacker, or a runner, they can probably benefit from acquiring a GPS tracking device like the Spot X. In the same way that cell phone users pay a monthly bill to maintain service, backcountry GPS communication devices like the Spot X require a membership. So, if they already have a tracking device, chances are that they could benefit from the annual membership that keeps their device operational.

Good to Go Backpacking Meal

2. Food, Snacks, and Electrolytes, Oh My!

Adventurers require a lot of fuel to operate efficiently. While runners commonly gravitate toward convenient snacks like energy chews, backpackers are often extra appreciative of delicious meals in a bag. And most athletes can benefit from carrying electrolytes at some point or another. It’s hard for food to go unappreciated when you’re a super-active person.

Sawyer Squeeze

3. Water Filter

Most adventurers carry some type of water treatment or filtration, however, even the best filters should be replaced on occasion. Filters like the Sawyer Squeeze provide a phenomenal amount of value, but if they’re clogged, they can become ineffective at treating water without you knowing. For this reason, adventurers should swap their old filter out for a new one every once in a while to maintain optimal use.

Tenacious Tape

4. Equipment Repair Items

Let’s face it, even adventurers who take care of their equipment end up with rips or malfunctioning gear sometimes, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they need to replace the entire product. Instead, they can use Tenacious Tape to patch tent holes, replace flaccid tent pole bungee cords with fresh cording, or use shoe goo to piece things back together. Since making gear repairs is something that most adventurers have to do, they can usually benefit from adding repair equipment to their collection.

The Gift of Coffee

5. Coffee

One of the hardest parts about spending ample time in the backcountry is that it usually involves being a day or two away from a delicious cup of coffee. For many years, instant coffees didn’t remotely compare to the real thing. But that was before Alpine Start came along. Now adventurers can make a cup of instant coffee that tastes good even when they’re a few days from home. If the adventurer in your life appreciates a good cup of Joe, do them a favor and snag some Alpine Start coffee.

Presenting socks 6. Wool Socks

Socks are one of the first things to show signs of wear and tear when you spend a lot of time on your feet. Consequently, most adventurers can benefit from a quality replacement like the Smartwool Every Day Socks. These socks are comfortable, cushy, and made for exploration. And since wool has natural anti-microbial properties, the material helps to minimize the funk that usually comes from a life spent outside.

Headlamps are always a great gift

7. Headlamp Batteries

Adventurers who spend a fair amount of time exploring under the cover of darkness usually carry a headlamp with them. Every once in a while, the batteries in those headlamps need to be replaced. Or, if you suspect that your loved one needs a night-light upgrade, you could look for a rechargeable product like the Petzl Actik Headlamp, which offers users a hybrid design and works with both traditional batteries and Petzl’s Core rechargeable battery.

Adventurous Gifts

8. Buff or Neck Warmer

The Buff is a piece of gear that many adventures can’t live without. Buffs are the go-to item for tons of different things in the backcountry—from warming your neck to providing a hat or a hot pad while you’re cooking—and you can never have too many of them! An equally useful piece of gear is the Turtle Fur Neck Warmer, which is similar in function but a lot warmer than the standard Buff.

Climb up their holiday list 9. Maps and Guide Books

Adventurers who aren’t packing for their next trip are usually planning it. To help with the process, many people can benefit from regional maps and guidebooks, since they provide vital information about the surrounding area and routes.

EMS Gift Card 10. Gift Card

When in doubt, look to the gift card as a solution. Gift cards allow the person you’re buying a gift for to pick the gear that they need the most, so they don’t end up with something that they won’t use.

Gifts for the outdoorsy person who has everything

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