11 Tips for Staying Warm While Backpacking in Fall

It's cold out there. That doesn't mean you need to stop camping.

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Go Nocturnal: 6 Tips for Hiking After Dark

Think you really know a trail? Hike it after the sun goes down.

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Alpha Guide: Mount Marcy via the Van Hoevenberg Trail

They don't call it "cloud splitter" for nothing.

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The Guide to iPhone Hiking Photography

The best camera is whatever one you have with you when the terrain makes your jaw drop.

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Alpha Guide: The Presidential Traverse

You can certainly savor this uber-classic and spend a night or two above the trees...but completing the Presi Traverse in a single day is a life-list achievement worthy of any…

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5 Hikes in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region

The lakes aren't the only nice thing in New Hampshire's Lakes Region.

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A Guide to Backpacking the Virginia Triple Crown

Either knock out these three peaks as day hikes or loop them all together into the Triple Crown.

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Top to Bottom: Gear to Hike the NH 48

Climbing any one of the NH 48 is a big undertaking, but with the right gear, you can make it just a little bit smaller.

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The Top 8 360-Degree Adirondack High Peak Views

Why actually climb these mountains, when you can just look at their 360-degree summits here? Just kidding. You're definitely going to want to see these views for yourself.

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