Mud season hiking gear

Must-Have Mud Season Hiking Gear

The gear you need to survive mud season.

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Kitted Out: Spring Trail Running

Spring means it's time to trail run.

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Top 10 Rainy-Day Hiking Essentials

Must-have wet-weather hiking gear.

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Older hikers on the summit of Mount Lafayette

10 Tips for Aging Hikers

Advice for aging hikers hitting the trails.

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Bondcliff in the winter

I Can’t Believe I Did a Single Season Winter 48

Bagging 48 peaks in under 90 days.

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10 Reasons to Carry a Sit Pad on Your Next Hike

You'll want to carry this lightweight and affordable piece of gear on your next hiking trip.

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Gear for a Shoulder Season Ascent of Mount Liberty

The Gear You Need for a Shoulder Season Ascent of Mount Liberty

Shoulder season hikes are tricky. Here's the right gear.

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Winter hiking safety

10 Tips for Safe Winter Hiking

Stay safe while winter hiking.

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NH48 NE67 NE115

Will Robinson is Making His Own Lists

goEast speaks with one of the Northeast's most accomplished hikers.

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Crossing Franconia Ridge in Winter

Alpha Guide: Franconia Ridge in Winter

Is one of America's greatest hikes still worthwhile during the winter? Find out for yourself.

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