Stripping skins while splitboarding

A Beginner’s Guide to Splitboarding at Ski Areas

Earn your turns at the ski resort.

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Kids skiing

7 tips for Taking Kids to the Ski Resort

7 tips from a kid for a great time at a ski resort.

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Rope tow at Cochran’s Ski Area

Cochran’s Ski Area: The Nation’s First Nonprofit Ski Hill

Visit the Nation’s First Nonprofit Ski Hill

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Car with ski roof box

What’s the Best Way to Transport Your Skis? Roof Box vs. Ski Rack

The pros and cons of cargo boxes and ski racks.

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Ski Sundown on the Ice Coast

Is the East Coast Really the “Ice Coast”?

There's a lot to like about skiing in the Northeast.

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Why You Need a Pair of Bibs this Winter

Are bibs always the better option?

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Settled: Is Skiing or Snowboarding Harder?

Let's get this out of the way.

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So, What is Après Ski Anyway?

It's French, so it's classy.

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Opinion: Why You Should Be Skiing at Your Local Indie Ski Hill

Maybe skip the big pass next year?

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Alpha Guide: The Wright Peak Ski Trail

This twisting, narrow roller coaster off an Adirondack High Peak is a historical artifact and classic ski line in New York

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