Improvise, adapt, overcome!

We hit probably the crux of our entire trip today: Lincoln Gap. We got on the road early and had breakfast in Waitsfield then kept trucking south toward Warren where we made some bike repairs and fueled up with snacks and water for the big climb. From there it was time for the steepest paved mile in America. We did the climb from Warren to the summit in 1 hour 28 minutes.

After that, we made a game time decision to avoid Middlebury altogether—the breweries we wanted to stop at there won’t be open tomorrow and we wanted to cut down tomorrow’s 60-plus miles. So we diverted to Bristol for beer at Bobcat Cafe and Brewery. Good decisions all around. The numbers:

  • Miles: 36.1
  • Elevation Gain: 3100 feet
  • Climb from Warren to Lincoln Gap: 1511 feet
  • Crying: 0
  • Maple Whoopie Pies: 2
Credit: Lauren Danilek


Rose: “The breeze at the top of Lincoln Gap was hard to beat and really felt like a huge weight off my shoulders.”

Bud: “Celebratory beers in BVT! We’re almost there!”

Thorn: “My brakes failing me again rolling into Warren. I had to call the only open bike shop within 50 miles to get a solution but they nailed it—Big thanks to Green Mountain Bikes in Rochester!


Rose: “When I heard our detour to Bristol would cut off 20 miles of biking for tomorrow.”

Bud: “A hot shower tomorrow. I love showers.”

Thorn: “How sore my quads are.”


Rose: “Witnessing Ryan literally climbing Lincoln Gap. Cranking it.”

Bud: “Maybe maple creemees tomorrow.

Thorn: “The inconsideration of car drivers for bikers in the road.”


Rose: “I got my favorite shot on the trip so far, today.”

Bud: “I get to see my dog tomorrow.”

Thorn: “Some random guy at the Warren general store who joked with us but lowered our morale right before Lincoln Gap. His jokes didn’t land.”

    Credit: Lauren Danilek