We left camp early yesterday and got lunch at Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier before making the trek to Northfield and then on to camp near Moretown Gap. By the numbers:

  • Distance: 43.6 miles
  • Elevation Gain: 4,429 feet
  • Little Free Libraries: 6
  • Times Mike Fell Off His Bike: 1
Credit: Lauren Danilek


Rose: “Descending off the ridge into Montpelier, the view was beautiful.”

Bud: “Getting over Lincoln Gap, mentally and physically.”

Thorn: “Ascending out of Montpelier on Hill Road.”


Rose: “The blueberry farmhouse ale from Good Measure in Northfield. And the 20 year old kid with a PA system in his truck who told us to get off the sidewalk..?”

Bud: “The views from Lincoln Gap.”

Thorn: “One of my brake calipers getting wacky before Northfield. But I think I fixed it!”


Rose: “I swore at a truck and finally got some chapstick— it’s the little things.”

Bud: “I’m excited to find out where we’re sleeping tonight, it’s always an adventure.”

Thorn: “Mike.”


Rose: “A quiet breakfast near the lake we camped at.”

Bud: “The breweries we were going to stop at today won’t be open so we won’t be tempted to have more beer.”

Thorn: “There was a bug that flew straight up my nose. Still hasn’t come out.”

Here’s hoping we survive Lincoln Gap.

Credit: Lauren Danilek