Jetting away to the White Mountains is a great escape any time of year, whether it’s to hit the slopes, bag some peaks, refresh in the pristine lakes and rivers, or find a quiet spot to sit back and relax with a local brew in hand. This winter, when the mountains begin to call, make it a priority to après ski at some White Mountain breweries. The brew scene in the White Mountains has come a long way in the past decade, making this winter a great time to revisit a few old favorite brew houses and try some new ones.

White Mountain Breweries to Explore this Winter


Rek’•lis Brewing Company

Rek’•lis Brewing Company in Bethlehem is a short drive from Bretton Woods but worth the journey from ski resorts like Cannon, Loon, and Attitash as well as the rock and ice climbs in Crawford Notch. Rek’•lis began selling beer in a shed in 2016. By 2018, they were up and running with a brewery in an old restaurant which today has transformed into a robust Brew Pub with a newly built Pint House out back.

Everything about Rek’•lis Brewery is inviting. The lights sparkling out front are seen from a half-mile away on Main Street, glowing like a beacon and welcoming you to a lovely wooden building, encased by a sprawling porch and patio. As you pull into the driveway and look into the lot, you catch sight of the Pint House whose modern architecture and industrial feel look sleek and cool. Suddenly you realize you have a decision to make: Brew Pub? Pint House? If you have time, and perhaps a driver, check out the scene in both. Hang at the Pint House and share a beer or two and then head to the Brew Pub to cozy into some nachos or a fried chicken sandwich.

On our trip, we sat in the Brew Pub and had a great visit from start to end. The staff was super kind and accommodated our big group with seamless ease. We tasted a few beers but the Trees for Troops, a red ale with spruce tips, stood out for its unique notes of spruce yet crisp finish. Another favorite was Clouded Judgement, a NEIPA that is smooth and light enough that you might find yourself a few in without a thought. If you like a stronger NEIPA to get lost in, Pretentious Hopper will fill the bill. For those who haven’t been to Rek’•lis recently, the food and atmosphere are worth the drive alone but be prepared to leave with some four-packs, as you’re sure to discover a new favorite hidden among the diverse beer list.



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Schilling Beer Company

About 10 minutes northwest of Rek’•lis, you’ll find Schilling Beer Company. Schilling began expanding their brewing empire earlier than Rek’•lis, and expand they did. Nestled behind Main Street in Littleton, you’ll encounter their Brew Pub and Kitchen set in a quintessential New England mill next to a more recent modern farmhouse-inspired building built for their tasting room and store.

Sampling Schilling beer is like taking a journey around Europe: you’ll find Czech Lagers and Pilsners, a Belgian Tripel and IPAs, German Lagers and Bocks, as well as American Ales and Lagers. (I could list more beers and commas but you get the point.) If we’re in town, we often grab some four-packs to take home but truthfully, it’s worth sitting down in the Pub to truly enjoy some of what’s on tap. For example, Schlaumeier is a nice Hefeweizen available for tasting that couldn’t be found in a can. Schilling serves such a wide variety of beers that it’s impossible to pick just one favorite, hence the sit down; the delicious food is an added bonus.

On our most recent trip, we sampled Weihnachtsbier, a seasonal German Bock with warm spices and a deep brown pour. We also sipped the Alexandr, a crisp Czech Pilsner, and Glen Ellis a hazy NEIPAboth great brewsand Foy, a slightly bitter, incredibly smooth, Belgian IPA that’ll sneak up on you. You’ll be looking in your glass wondering where it went and realize it’s been emptied, twice. Needless to say, it’s worth a trip to sample a few brews and then another trip back to savor some more.


Moat Mountain Brewing Company

If you’re recreating in the Conway area, there are some great breweries to be found as well. Most of our trips to North Conway involve a visit to the Moat Mountain Brewing Company smokehouse and brewery. There’s not much better after a long day of playing outside than a heaping tray of Long Horn Nachos and a Scottie’s IPA.

If you’ve never been to the Moat, go during quiet hours or prepare to wait. The rambling yellow building that houses the Moat makes the most of the space, tucking tables into a variety of rooms where diners munch on pub fare and barbecue while sampling tasty beer.

The Moat has a solid line-up of staples and there are some standouts among the group. First, blueberry beer is polarizing but if you like it, you like it and Ms. V’s Blueberry is one of the best. A recent trip had us sampling Clockwork Mandarina, a New England Pale Ale, hoppier and slightly more bitter than expected but delicious, as well as the Hoffman Weiss Hefeweizen, a hazy, bright beerboth of which are a perfect pairing with the barbecue burger and yam fries. Yum.


Tuckerman Brewing Company

Not to be missed in Conway is Tuckerman Brewing Company. Tucked behind Main Street, Tuckerman Brewing is housed in a modern industrial-style building with wood accents, a perfect look for a New England brewery. It’s a great place to visit in any season and be sure to check their website ahead of your trip for their list of daily events, like cornhole tournaments, trivia nights, and live music.

The staff at Tuckerman are amazing. While picking out some four-packs to bring home, stealthy staff slid a cardboard box out for us and helped us load up our brews before we could think to ask. Our kids couldn’t contain themselves and expressed how nice the people were and as we skipped out we were loaded down with stickers and koozies; a holiday thank you from the awesome team behind the bar.

This winter, we sampled Wild River, a refreshingly tasty Belgian White Ale, cloudy with coriander and orange, encased in a beautiful white art-focused can. This will be ordered again and again. The Core Shot is a dry hard cider that was tart but refreshing. And you can never go wrong with the Pale Ale, a classic smooth and golden Tuckerman brew, or the Rockpile IPA, an East Coast IPA, slightly bitter with a full finish.

If you head to Tuckerman, make sure you stay for one of their unique and tasty pizzas. Better yet, order a few pies, like the General Tso’s, Piggy Shroom Doom, and Jalapeno Popper, and settle in for the afternoon to enjoy some of the best beer and greatest crew in Mount Washington Valley.

Exploring New Hampshire Breweries

Next time you head to the White Mountains, whether it be for adventure, relaxation, or sightseeing, remember to try some local brews. These are just a sampling of some of the breweries in New Hampshire and there are a lot more to explore and visit when out and about in the White Mountains.