Fall Hikes on the Connecticut Shoreline

Winter beach day, anyone?

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Explore Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills This Fall

A hike, a paddle, and an easy toprope? What else do you need?

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What to Look for in an Early-Season Overnighter

These are our favorite early-season spots.

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5 Shorter Local Thru-Hikes to Tackle this Year

Who says you need to give up 5 months of your life to get in a thru-hike adventure?

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Opinion: Connecticut Is Playing Catch-Up on Public Lands

What have Massachusetts, New York, and Maine done that is on the ballot in Connecticut next week?

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The Top 5 Overlooked Hikes in Connecticut

You're going to want to pay more attention to Connecticut.

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9 Tips for Taking Your Climbing from the Gym to the Crag

Real rock > plastic.

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