The Top 6 Summit Views in the New Hampshire 48

There are a lot of great views up there. But, we think these take the cake.

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Alpha Guide: The Pemigewasset Loop

One of the Northeast’s great backpacking adventures proves that good things don’t come easy.

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Backcountry Aspirin: Wasabi Salmon Fish Cakes with Rice Noodles

If you're not eating like this while you're on the trail, you're doing it wrong.

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Safe to Climb: Reading Weather Reports for Mount Washington

This might be the single best thing you can do to stay safe on Mount Washington.

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A Guide to Hiking the Great Gulf

The Great Gulf is about as deep as Mount Washington gets.

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Backcountry Breakfast Recipe: The Eggadilla

The next time you're gearing up for an early climb, try Cedar Wright's favorite easy morning meal.

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The Stove Debate: Canister vs. Liquid Fuel

You could be using the wrong kind of stove.

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How to Pack Your “Seek the Peak” Daypack

Getting this right is critical to getting your dayhike right.

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Staying Fueled Up On Long Hikes

Are you getting the most out of your snacks on long hikes?

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Preparing Your Child For Summer Camp

They're not going to want to leave.

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