What’s a “Type 2” day? An adventure that doesn’t necessarily go the way you planned or hoped. It’s a day that isn’t as much fun as you would like trailhead to trailhead. It’s a day where the weather felt like it beat you up or one mishap led to another. It’s an unexpected trail encounter, gear left at home. Maybe it’s a mistake: Taking the wrong trail, a slip on the descent, or being unprepared for the conditions.

We all have those days that aren’t fun in the moment but once we get home, take a shower, and let our sore feet recover, become a fun story to tell (and hear). Maybe they taught you something, maybe they’re just entertaining. Either way, we want to hear those Type 2 Tales.

Share your best story below and we’ll pick the best to share with goEast readers every Friday. What’s your Type 2 Tale?

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Credit: Tim Peck

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