Video: Sasha DiGiulian Goes Ice Climbing in New Hampshire

What happens when a pro rock climber gets a taste of Northeast ice?

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Gear Guide: What Your Loved One Needs to Rock Climb The Pinnacle

If you have a rock climber on your shopping list, make sure they know about this climb.

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Video: Discomfort in Antarctica

"I think I'm still figuring out where my line of comfort and discomfort is with climbing."

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Video: Making Music in Indian Creek

Nothing beats the quiet sounds of the desert.

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How to Choose a Climbing Harness

You're going to want to make sure it's comfortable.

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A Bostonian’s Guide to Fall Foliage

You don't need to get far from the city to marvel in its New England color.

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Video: Solo El Cap in 360-Degrees

Ever wonder what it's like to solo El Cap? This might be the closest any of us will ever get.

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Guide’s Pick: Layering for Fall Rock Climbing

What do our guides wear to keep warm in Rocktober?

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Alpha Guide: The Northeast Ridge of the Pinnacle

"Climbing doesn't get much better than this."

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