8 Tips for Your Next Long-Distance Paddle

This isn't your typical day paddle.

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The Top 5 Shorter Trips Along the NFCT

The NFCT is a behemoth. If you can't do it all, at least do these smaller sections.

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Video: A Family River Trip

We found your next family vacation. You're welcome.

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Video: Twin Brothers Paddle from Alaska to Mexico

It's a big ocean, out there.

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52 (More) goEast New Year’s Resolutions

It's officially time to start your 2019 bucket list!

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Video: Blind Veterans Kayak The Grand Canyon

And it's all on Street View.

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A Bostonian’s Guide to Fall Foliage

You don't need to get far from the city to marvel in its New England color.

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The Best Outdoor Adventures Near Our New Hyannis Store

Plan your next Cape Cod adventure with help from the staff at our reopening Hyannis store!

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goEast’s Favorite Adirondack Weekend Adventures

What are you doing in the 'Daks this weekend?

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Alpha Guide: The Seven Carries Canoe Route

Explore one of the Adirondacks' most serene regions by kayak—and a little bit by foot, too.

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