Hiking the Ghost Town Traverse

When logging ruled the Whites...

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Tracing American History Through the Blue Hill 22

Step back in time and forward about 15 miles.

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A Women’s Work: Pioneering Climber Miriam Underhill

A pioneer in "manless climbing."

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Joshua Huntington: A Winter on Mount Washington

Mount Washington only had two winter ascents. These guys decided to spend an entire winter on top.

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Doc Benton and the Haunting of Mount Moosilauke

Be careful while hiking Mount Moosilauke this fall.

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Ghost Towns of the White Mountains: Thornton Gore

One look around from this White Mountain ghost town and it’s not hard to realize why the farming community wasn’t successful.

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How the Nansen Ski Club Brought Bigtime Skiing to New Hampshire

The country's highest ski jump at the time had something to do with it.

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The Old Route: Hiking For History on the Crawford Path

We sent two writers to track down the remnants of the Crawford Path and dive into its history.

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