Dog in Acadia

Let’s Go for a Walk: Exploring Acadia National Park with a Senior Dog

Exploring Acadia and the needs of senior dogs.

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Adventurous dog hiking

Great Gifts for Adventurous Dog Lovers

Gifts for the adventure hound (and their human) this holiday.

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Dogs excited for a road trip

Planning Road Trip Activities with Dogs

Eight tips for planning a road trip with your adventure hound.

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Dog in fall coat

How to Choose the Best Dog Jacket

What to look for when selecting a dog jacket.

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Two traveling dogs

Essential Items for Road Tripping With Dogs

These items will keep your road trip from going to the dogs.

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Good dog hiking

Tips for Hiking with Your Dog

Tips and gear to hit the trail with four paws running.

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10 Essential Items for Your Dog’s First Aid Kit

You pack one for yourself, pack one for your best friend, too.

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10 Tips for Winter Hiking with Your Dog

You don't need to leave them at home.

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5 Dog-Friendly Hikes in the White Mountains for Great Fall Foliage

Dogs + foliage = the best fall day ever.

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