Hiking for the Catskills: EMS x West Kill Brewing Summer Launch

A Mountain Life summer is brewing.

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The Gear You Need to Ice Climb at Hillyer Ravine

Yes, there's really great ice climbing in the Catskills.

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Alpha Guide: Hiking the Burroughs Range Traverse in Winter

This Catskills high-route becomes a whole new experience in the off-season.

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Catskill Ice: Climbing at Stony Clove

Get out of the city and onto some ice.

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4 Winter Hikes for Aspiring Catskill 3500ers

Want to join the club? You're going to need to bag these 4 peaks in the off-season.

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Alpha Guide: Hiking The Devil’s Path

It's called the Devil's Path for a reason.

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5 More Fall Hikes Around New York City

I'm in a get-out-of-New York state of mind.

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Lest We Forget: The Two Catskills 4,000-Footers

Southern New York's two 4,000-footers are not to be forgotten.

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