Dogtown: A Ghost Town Alive with Outdoor Opportunities

It doesn't get much spookier than an abandoned colonial town.

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6 Tips for Introducing Your Kids to Bouldering

Bouldering is a great activity for your kids and the whole family. But do it right.

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Video: The Art of Bouldering

*lightning cracks in the distance*

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Video: An Urban Climbing Experience

Do not try this at home.

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A Bostonian’s Guide to Fall Foliage

You don't need to get far from the city to marvel in its New England color.

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How to Choose Rock Climbing Shoes

Your climbing shoes are your weapons on rock. Make sure you have the right ones.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Indoor Rock Climbing

Beta-sprayers get a special place in the underworld.

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Ditch the Cold: 8 Wintertime Rock Climbing Escapes in North America

Leave the screaming barfies to the actual ice climbers, and head somewhere warm this winter.

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