Video: Attempting a Triple Black Diamond MTB Trail

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A Laborer We Love: The Black Diamond Dirt Bag Glove 

Heady duty everywhere except your wallet.

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How to Choose a Headlamp

Whether you're spending a night out, or getting back from a hike a little later than expected, a good headlamp is critical.

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Video: The Lifer

Russ Clune is a cornerstone of Black Diamond history and an integral part of climbing’s humble beginnings in America in the Guks.

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Video: Will Gadd Takes On Helmcken Falls with Natural Gear

Ice climbing in a hockey helmet? Eh, we're good.

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How to Choose a Climbing Harness

You're going to want to make sure it's comfortable.

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Video: Drop Headlamp Weight With This Custom Strap

For the ounce-counters among us, how can you halve the weight of your headlamp?

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How to Choose a Climbing Rope

Do you have the right rope for the climbing you want to do?

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