If you are a climber, backpacker, hiker, or general outdoor enthusiast, then you’ve probably read something written by Brendan Leonard already. Most notably the author of popular blog Semi-Rad.com, Leonard has also written for such prominent publications such as Climbing, Backpacker, and Adventure Journal, among others.

His latest book, Sixty Meters to Anywhere, is a deeply personal account of Leonard’s battle with alcoholism, his sobriety, and how he ultimately found peace, acceptance, and his identity in the outdoors. Incredibly open and honest about his feelings, emotions, and experiences, this book is difficult to review, as it would almost be like critiquing someone else’s life—and I am not one to be doing that. Rather, in the spirit of Leonard’s blog, which frequently features graphs, pie charts, and graphics, here’s a handy flowchart you can use to determine if Sixty Meters to Anywhere is the book for you.