Back in 2017, we published “How a Plastic Bottle Becomes Your Next EMS Shirt” with an intro into REPREVE, a unique fiber made from recycled plastic bottles that is in turn woven into apparel fabric (to date, REPREVE has recycled over 31 billion bottles). This spring, the material has returned to the line with the Softspun collection, which is made from a total of 14,156 plastic bottles. We recently sat down with Jessica Gaj on the EMS Product Development team to talk about the line.

Spring 2022 Softspun.


goEast: Jess, thanks for meeting today. We’re excited to see a line dedicated to recycled materials. Why REPREVE?

Jess: Traceability, accountability and transparency are all reasons we continue to work with REPREVE. After meeting with our rep, he explained that during any point in the process they can test to ensure REPREVE is being added to the product through the U Trust Verification Program. REPREVE is a global company that is very knowledgeable and skilled; this accountability gives us a peace of mind so we know we are moving forward in an informed and responsible way on our path to being more sustainable.

goEast: How can I tell what pieces are made using REPREVE? What should I look for?

Jess: Anything with “Softspun” in the product title is made with REPREVE. There are currently 6 pieces. Another way to check is the care label on the left side, either near the hem on a top or just under the waistband on a bottom.

goEast: How would you describe the feel of this material?

Jess: Soft! REPREVE is a one for one fiber, so these pieces are super soft, lightweight and comfortable against the skin. They also feature an anti-pilling finish for durability and longevity.

goEast: What is the Softspun line suitable for in terms of recreation?

Jess: We designed this collection for loungewear. You could wear it on a lazy day around the house or perhaps over your Sat Nam pieces to yoga. The pull-on-designs work great as warm-up pieces while you’re out and about before or after yoga.

goEast: What other product sustainability goals does the EMS product team have for the future?

Jess: For Spring 2022, we introduced the Softspun Collection as an easy layering collection. For Fall 2022 we are introducing 100% Recycled Polyester linings on our outerwear styles. For Spring 2023 we are hoping again to introduce a new recycled content collection—whether that’s going to be Lifestyle or Technical Apparel, you’ll just have to wait and see.


Shop certified and traceable recycled fiber this Spring with the EMS Soft Spun line. To learn more about REPREVE, visit