Alpha Guide: Mount Colden’s Trap Dike in Winter

It's a little spicier than your typical Adirondack High Peak climb, but that's what makes it a classic.

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Alpha Guide: Franconia Ridge in Winter

Is one of America's greatest hikes still worthwhile during the winter? Find out for yourself.

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Alpha Guide: Cadillac Mountain’s South Ridge Trail

This is one cool-weather beach trip you'll want to make.

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Alpha Guide: Camel’s Hump via the Burrows Trail

One of Vermont's best summits in a half day? Sign us up for this Northeast classic.

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Alpha Guide: Mount Marcy via the Van Hoevenberg Trail

They don't call it "cloud splitter" for nothing.

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goEast Guide to Bug Repellent

What you need to know to keep your next outdoor outing insect free.

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Meet the Guide: Patty Lankhorst

"I love the look on peoples faces after they accomplished something they thought impossible at the start of the day."

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Meet the Guide: Jonathan Baldassare

Get to know Jonathan Baldassare.

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A Beginners Guide to Hiking in the White Mountains

This fall is the perfect time to get started hiking in the Whites.

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