It’s been a long time coming, but they’re here! EMS sleeping bags have officially been revamped. As the Bantam and Velocity styles phase out, the Fall/Winter ’21 line presents bags ranging from 0 to 25°. I gave each one a test and did come out of the woods with a favorite, but each bag had it’s own bragging rights, outlined below. If you’re perplexed about ratings and their meanings, or what sort of sleeping bag to buy, read up on “How to Choose the Right Sleeping Bag” and “How to Get the Most Out of Your Sleeping Bag’s Temperature Rating.

Solstice 20.

Solstice 20°

Let us start with the lowest price point of the bunch. The Solstice 20 pulls no punches and is a great all-around bag. Whether you’re new to backpacking or a seasoned camper, it strikes a perfect balance of warmth, weight, and packability, and features a two-layer quilted construction in a relaxed mummy shape. Available at just over $100, this is a great affordable option. Also available in Long and Women’s.

Solstice 0.

Solstice 0°

At a slightly higher price point and performance is the Solstice 0°. Offering more insulation with an ISO Limit of 19°F / -7°C, it features the same synthetic fill and has a total weight of 2088g. Personally, I’d jump to getting the Solstice 0° over the 25° because you’ll get more use out of it for just around $20 more, but either way you have two solid entry level synthetic fill options here. This bag is also available in Long and Women’s.

Solstice Features

  • Secondary side zip lets you fold back the top of the bag.
  • 3D hood construction contours to your head.
Downtime 25.

Downtime 25°

Aptly named, the Downtime features a super soft liner and 650-fill down that will turn the backcountry into a luxury hotel. Our down fill entry level option offers more compressibility and lighter weight over the synthetic Solstice. Water resistant with a 50-denier Poly Taffeta Shell and Liner, it’s relaxed mummy shape holds heat without restricting movement. Available in Long and Women’s.

Downtime 0°

The Downtime 0 has an ISO Limit of 4°F / -16°C versus the 25’s 16°F / -9°C, which makes it a worthier companion for cold weather pursuits. It weighs in at 1802g and is priced at $289.99. Like the Downtime 25°, the 0 is available in Long and Women’s. Both the Downtime and Solstice series are great entry level bags, their main difference being type of insulation.

Downtime Features

Mountain Light 20. Courtesy: Erik Hibbard

Mountain Light 20°

The Mountain Light is a straight up marshmallow. Suffice to say, it is my favorite of the line. Here’s why: It’s also super light. Starting at $289.99, you’re getting what you pay for with ultralight fabrics, high fill power down, and a total weight of 975g. You may remember the Mountain Light of yesteryear, with which it shares the same vertical baffling. Some updates include an increase of the down fill power from 650 to 750 and added side baffling for a truly 3D form. Available in Reg, Long and Women’s.

Mountain Light 0°

Our most technical bag, the Mountain Light 0 takes the cake in all categories. Also available in Long and Women’s, it’s engineered to keep you warm and comfortable on your most adventurous trips. It’s ISO Limit is 3°F / -21°C compared to the 20’s 19°F / -7°C and it weighs in at 1509g. Making an investment in a bag that needs to be light and warm? This is the one.

Mountain Light Features

  • Two-way zipper with anti-snag draft collar
  • Internal hood drawcord
  • Zippered exterior headlamp/cell phone pocket
  • Vertical Baffling with down gates to eliminate cold spots and prevent unwanted down migration
  • 20D Ripstop Nylon shell and 15D Nylon lining
  • RDS-certified down

The Solstice, Downtime, and Mountain Light all have something to offer your camping kit— If you’re trying to decide between the three, the biggest factors to consider here are 1) The general conditions/season you’ll be utilizing the bag, and 2) Your price point. Browse our full selection of sleeping bags online or at an EMS store near you!