Day two (yesterday) was supposed to be the big one: 50-plus miles and more than 5000 feet of climbing. But poorly-timed brewery stops messed things up a bit and actually saved us some riding. We got to Morrisville too early for lunch but with nothing between there and Hardwick, we had no choice but to hang out. That delay coupled with the early closing time at Hill Farmstead pushed us to call an audible and cut that brewery out. Instead, we got Hill Farmstead at dinner in Hardwick and we’re treated to a nice bushwhack in the dark to get to camp at Buck Lake. Day two by the numbers:

  • Miles: 46.4
  • Elevation Gain: 4,558 feet
  • Roads Named after Hills: 5
  • Low Point of the Day (Scale of 1-10): 5
  • Lakes Jumped Into: 1
Credit: Lauren Danilek

Thorns were plentiful, yesterday:


Rose: “The pizza from Positive Pie.”

Bud: “I’m excited to cross our halfway point for the whole trip today.”

Thorn: “Somewhere in the unscheduled bushwhack.”


Rose: “I have become one with my shorts. I don’t love them but I recognize they’re there. It’s a coming of age story.”

Bud: “I’m excited to put my head in this lake this morning.”

Thorn: “The heat. I felt that.”


Rose: “Our nighttime adventure bushwhack that led to a starry swim in a lake and a secret campsite.”

Bud: “Drying my clothes out in the sun today.”

Thorn: “Feeling kinda sick after lunch. I had to walk up a lot of hills and listen to a lot of Elton John.”


Rose: “Bigtime jumping in this lake at 9:30 in the pitch black.”

Bud: “The cereal bar I’m eating for breakfast this morning because there’s no place to eat for 20 miles.”

Thorn: “Missing out on Hill Farmstead. The myth lives on.”


Also, there’s a bathroom here. “I think the spot has rewarded us for getting here,” said Mike.

Credit: Lauren Danilek