We asked you to tell us something we don’t know about gear and how to use it. Share a tip about a piece of gear that you covet. Do you tie your hiking boots a certain way to keep them from un-tying? Do you have a secret use for your camp stove? Is there one little item that you always carry for a reason no one else would guess? Share your gear tips and tricks here and win a gift card if we do publish it!

Use different colored stuff sacks and bags for the small stuff in your pack—and be consistent about what you put in each one. Doing the same thing on every trip means you don’t have to search every bag to find the one thing you are looking for. I have a variety of bags in several colors and sizes. They are not expensive and help more that I can say, especially when I’m looking for things by headlamp after dark. There’s no aimless rummaging around. — Gretchen B.

Always carry a golf towel on back of pack. Golf towels have grommets for easy attachment, so you always know where it is. In winter, use the towel to dry your hands before putting gloves back on so that they get warm faster. — Antonio