Gear is a sentimental thing. It gets tied pretty easily to the big trips, events, and memories of our time outside. Whether it’s the camp stove you’ve had since your first backpacking trip, the boots you wore through on a big thru-hike, or the jacket that you had to patch after a fall during a hike, it’s hard to get rid of the gear attached to so many memories (even if, realistically, you probably should have thrown those boots out years ago).We asked goEast readers to to share the story behind the item they’ve had the longest for the chance to be featured and win an EMS gift card. Interested in sharing your story for next week? Submit it here! 

Courtesy: Sarah H.

I have two pairs of hiking boots that go back to 1976. I retired them in the early 80s for lighter boots, but these babies carried me through backpacking trips in the North Carolina mountains, hikes and backpacking trips (including one solo) in the Colorado mountains, and more. Since then, They have hung in my garage collecting only dust. I was going to pitch them, recently,  but realized they have way too many miles smiles, and blisters racked up to just throw them out! So instead, I put them on and took them for a hike. Holy cow, they still fit, even if it did feel odd to have such heavy boots on my feet!! Nope, these babies aren’t going anywhere, they definitely are getting a reprieve! Sarah H. (@Henricis)