With the Fourth of July falling on a Monday this year, many of us will have a long weekend. To take advantage of the extra day off, you might think about camping, hitting the beach, visiting barbecues, and, of course, watching fireworks. Whether you plan to meet friends or spend time with the family, Eastern Mountain Sports carries a ton of items that can help liven up these events, bring competition to campsites, help get you off your beach blanket, or simply give you something to do while you wait to watch the fireworks.


Offering all-ages fun, Spikeball is rapidly gaining popularity on college campuses and is the perfect game to play on the beach, in the backyard, or around camp. This four-person activity shares many of the same rules as volleyball, but is super portable and provides the perfect alternative to bringing food or beverages to your Independence Day event. Action-packed, it’s sure to get the competitive juices flowing, but don’t take it too seriously, or you’re liable to see fireworks before it gets dark.  

Kan Jam

If you haven’t played Kan Jam yet, you are missing out. Much like Spikeball, Kan Jam is a four-person game that will liven up any beach day, BBQ, or campsite. The idea is pretty simple: You throw a Frisbee toward a can while you partner tries to redirect, tip, slam, or watch as you easily hit the Kan to score points.

In my experience, when you’re playing this game, beware of anyone who listens to the Grateful Dead, has owned a VW van, or wears tie-dyed shirts. For some reason, these people are artists with a Frisbee, and end games quickly by casually sailing it through the tiny “instant win” slot located on the front of the goals.  


Any self-respecting outdoor event these days has either Cornhole or Ladderball available for guests to play. Thanks to the Outside Inside Dome 2-in-1 Ladderball/Cornhole game, you can ensure whatever backyard, campsite, or beach you’re at this Fourth of July will feature these staples. As its name implies, this sucker is just as much fun indoors, so feel free to bring it inside the house or drag it into your tent if the weather doesn’t cooperate with your Fourth of July plans.


Why limit yourself to waiting to watch fireworks once the sun sets this Independence Day? With the Nite Ize Disc-O Flying Disc, you can light up the night sky yourself. To the untrained eye, the Disc-O may appear to be an ordinary, run-of-the-mill Frisbee, but don’t be fooled. Built for fun, the Disc-O is equipped with LED and fiber optic technology, enabling it to light up and change color as it flies through the air. Thanks to this innovative, illuminating Frisbee, the setting sun doesn’t need to put a damper on your Fourth of July fun.


Thanks to the great games listed above, you won’t find yourself standing around this Fourth of July. No matter if you are spending your Independence Day in the mountains, at the beach, or just in the neighborhood, Eastern Mountain Sports has the activities you need to make your holiday great! As you’re getting ready, drop into any of our stores to see some of the other great games we carry, or check out some of the awesome promotions we will be running over the weekend.