Mark Twain famously said, “If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” This feels particularly true in winter, when a day of snow is just as likely to be followed by a day of the dreaded “wintry mix” as it is by one well below freezing. While winter weather in the northeast is consistently inconsistent, one thing you can count on is finding us wearing the Black Diamond Dirt Bag Glove on any given adventure. Here are five reasons why the Dirt Bag Glove is a proven performer and ready to go to work for you or your loved ones this winter.


1. They’re a Great Ski Partner 

A ski-specific upgrade to the classic work glove found at your local hardware store, the Dirt Bag has proven to be an ace partner over the course of numerous winters, equally at home in mid-winter skin tracks on Mount Moosilauke as it is bashing through slushy spring snow in Tucks. Black Diamond designed the Dirt Bag Glove “with the needs of skiers in mind,” which is something we can attest to—from ripping skins and gripping ski poles to cracking après beers in the parking lot, these gloves are remarkably adept. This is because, unlike most ski gloves (which are cut to grip a pole), the Dirt Bag is shaped to fit an open or closed hand.

2. They Play Nice on Ice

Although the Dirt Bag Glove was built for skiers, we find many of the qualities that make it such a valuable companion on the slopes also help it excel in numerous other winter sports. For example, the glove’s dexterity combined with its fleecy lining make it a natural for ice climbing something like Trap Dike or Shoestring Gully—offering just enough warmth to keep the screaming barfies at bay while providing the range of motion necessary for the mechanics of climbing such as swinging tools, placing screws, building anchors, and managing the belay station. As an added bonus, the stretchy fabric cuffs keep snow and ice from sneaking into the gloves while sealing out cold air.

Credit: TIm Peck
Credit: TIm Peck

3. They’re Comfy on Hikes

The Dirt Bag glove provides the perfect amount of warmth for winter hiking in the White Mountains, especially below treeline. From packing in the parking lot to pulling on microspikes, the Dirtbag Glove is a workhorse piece of our hiking kit. We especially love the low profile for holding onto trekking poles and their robust leather construction when gripping trees and boulders while navigating particularly treacherous sections of trail, such as on portions of the Lion Head Winter Route or Franconia Ridge in the winter.

4. They Make Short Work of Chores 

The Dirt Bag Glove was built for the guys and girls bumping lifts, handling sleds, and clearing snow who want one glove to do it all, but aren’t looking to cut into their beer budget by buying new gloves every few weeks. We love that the Dirt Bag glove seamlessly transitions from our skiing/climbing/hiking kit to digging out the driveway for powder days in a GBA Glade and hauling snow-covered logs in for drying out our gear by the fireplace.

Credit: Tim Peck
Credit: Tim Peck

5. They’re Heavy Duty But Light on the Wallet 

Money is better spent on adventures and après than replacing gloves. Made with super-durable goat leather and treated with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish, the Black Diamond Dirt Bag Glove has stood up to years of abuse. In fact, unlike much of our ski gear, even our oldest pairs of Dirt Bag gloves have escaped the dreaded duct tape. The best part is that they cost under $50, putting them within reach of even the most diehard patrollers, lifties, dishwashers, and dirtbags living their ski and outdoor dreams.