EMS Seeks the Peak: Q+A with Team Captain Heather Patterson

EMS traveling manager, Heather Patterson, shares how she is preparing for Seek the Peak.

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Preseason SUP Checklist

Six tips to increase the safety and enjoyment of your paddleboard this summer.

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Meet the Editor: Ryan Wichelns

Get to know the editor behind #goEast and learn about his latest offline adventure.

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Introducing the EMS x West Kill Brewing “Mountain Life” Pale Ale

You're already living the Mountain Life. Drink like it.

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Tell Us About Your Favorite Outdoors Holiday Tradition, Get a Gift Card!

What do you look most forward to every year?

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Video: The Hermit

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New England Training Ground: A History of Rock Climbing at Crow Hill

A hub of historic ascents, Crow Hill has been a hotspot for the progression of rock climbing in the Northeast.

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Are the Green Woodlands New England’s New Mountain Bike Hot Spot?

With more and more mountain bike terrain opening up in the Northeast, Green Woodlands might be one of our new favorites.

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Video: The Misfit Season of Fun

It's the only time of year you can literally do it all.

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