4 Tips for Finding Wintertime Solitude in the Adirondacks

Theres no quiet like winter in the Adirondacks.

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How to Hike During Mud Season in the ‘Daks

Avoid steep trails with thin soil (i.e., high elevation routes) until they dry up a little bit more.

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6 Ways to Support Public Lands This Holiday Season

Instead of solely shopping so you and your loved ones can enjoy our public lands, spend a little time this year giving back to them, too.

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7 Tips for Hiking With Your Dog in the Adirondacks

These trails were made for man's best friend.

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10 Must-See Spots in the Adirondacks (That Aren’t Above 4,000 Feet)

Stay low and have it all to yourself.

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ADK 125: What Do the ‘Daks Mean to You?

"Forever wild" is a lot more than 125 years, but it's a good start.

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