How to Choose the Right Sleeping Bag

For a good night's sleep, it's worth looking at all the factors that go into choosing the right sleeping bag.

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5 Tips for Staying Comfortable Hiking in the Mud

It's going to be wet out there. But, don't let that stop your hiking!

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Go Nocturnal: 6 Tips for Hiking After Dark

Think you really know a trail? Hike it after the sun goes down.

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Q&A with Chris Oberg of ‘Flags on the 48’

Did you spot any American flags flying over New Hampshire peaks last weekend? Here's why they were there.

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Changing Lives, One Pitch at a Time: Kismet Rock Foundation

This local Maine guide service is saving lives, but not in the way you might think.

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Putting Techwick to the Test on the Devil’s Path

We put Techwick to the test on one of the country's toughest hikes.

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5 Tips for Cold-Weather Workouts

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A Hiker’s Guide to Nuts

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