3 Tips for Shooting Action Shots Outdoors

Shoot pictures worthy of your adventure partners' Tinder profiles.

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Kitted Out: Trail Running in the Mud

When you can't hike up high, trail run down low

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Alpha Guide: Hiking Hurricane Mountain

It may not be a 46er, but you're missing out if you don't climb this one.

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Alpha Guide: Great Range Traverse

It's an Adirondack test-piece.

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Alpha Guide: MacIntyre Range in Winter

One day, three 46er peaks? Winter isn't over yet.

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Staying Grounded: Don’t Skimp on Spring Traction

Just because the height of winter is coming to an end that doesn't mean you can't slip.

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DIY: Pegboard Gear Storage

The better organized your gear is, the quicker you can grab it and get out the door.

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How to Photograph the Sunrise and the Sunset: 7 Tips

Do you know how to accurately capture that next sunrise hike?

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The Guide to iPhone Hiking Photography

The best camera is whatever one you have with you when the terrain makes your jaw drop.

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