Not every Christmas gift needs to be a big ticket item to make the hiker in your family happy. Whether it’s a stocking stuffer, a Secret Santa gift, or just something extra, here are some budget gift ideas for those you love that will mean more in thought than in price:

NH Hike Safe Card

If your loved one spends much time hiking in New Hampshire, this card provides protection from certain liabilities for rescue costs in an emergency. At $25 per individual or $35 per family, you can show someone you love that you support them and care about their safety in the NH wilderness with a unique gift they likely won’t be expecting—and they’ll fit into any holiday budget. You can purchase a card here. Use your creativity to print a copy for presentation or email it to the recipient if you’re geographically separated this holiday season. Bonus: Revenue from the sale of the Hike Safe card benefits the SAR fund, so if your favorite hiker doesn’t utilize it (as we would hope they don’t), your contribution will likely support the rescue of someone else.

State Parks Gift Card

The perfect gift for your favorite outdoors person who spends significant time in State Parks. Multiple states offer passes for the year that you could buy in advance for your loved one, guaranteeing them free entrance. Below are a few examples, but certainly do your research to find the best fit for the hikers in your life.

  • Vermont: Day hiking season pass: $30; 10 single-day visit punch card (does not expire): $30
  • New Hampshire: State park gift cards can be purchased for any amount, with an individual season pass starting at $64.50 (including shipping). The recipient can use the gift card for a couple of visits or put it towards a season pass

Emergency/Medical ID

Accidents happen, and being prepared by keeping bystanders and emergency professionals informed could streamline a potentially chaotic situation. If you are as worrisome as my mother, having pertinent information easily accessible on your loved one may help ease your worries in an emergency. Road ID has plenty of options for wear, including an attachment for the band of a fitness/smart watch, shoelaces, and general neck or wristwear. Customize these to include name, address, DOB, emergency contacts, or other important medical information such as allergies, diabetes, and more. Road ID offers a gift guide to help you select the best options if you need assistance, and also offers Dog IDs for adventure pups!

Hiking/Travel Books

For a unique option that isn’t just another stuff sack or silverware kit, try out some hiking-themed books. Everyone loves a great adventure story, and they’re budget-friendly. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Americas Best Day Hikes by Derek Dellinger: Flip through 50 hikes for any level of experience.
  • Backpacker Hidden Gems by Maren Horjus: Features 100 excellent hikes in America that you might not know about.
  • 100 Hikes of a Lifetime by Kate Siber: This book is a list of 100 worldly hikes compiled by National Geographic.

Hiking Log Journal

This one probably doesn’t need much explaining. Do a quick search and choose from various options with an average cost of $15. For your more rugged hikers, look into Rite in the Rain products, which also makes pens.


Is your loved one starting/working on/completing a hiking challenge? Consider ordering maps, guidebooks, or stickers and patches for them. Pro tip: If they are approaching the finishing hike, wrap the present inside an additional wrapper that says “do not open til [insert finishing hike #/mountain name here]” These items are usually lower priced ($5 to $15) so you can buy a few, add them as a present topper, or include as a stocking stuffer and easy on the budget.

Hiking-themed Christmas Ornament

For your most sentimental hikers and ornament collectors, consider a custom Christmas ornament. Etsy has some excellent options for various parks or hiking gear items so you can create your own momento while supporting small business and local artists. Head to Google and search a few different options based on what you’d like to see on the ornament. For a nicely crafted ornament with some extra detail and possibly personalized, expect to pay about $20 or more, though you can find some generic and less personalized ones for less.

Soledier Socks

A gift that gives back, Soledier Socks ( is a small business that donates a pair of socks to a military service member for every pair purchased. They make socks for hiking as well as “zero days.” With multiple weights of wool blends and a variety of fun designs for business casual and streetwear, you can even pick designs that benefit a variety of veteran service organizations.

Stocking Stuffers

I won’t overexplain this one, but think about some things they already own and ways to improve and maintain them. I’ll throw down some ideas to get the creative juices flowing

  • Camelbak and other rehydration packs need to be cleaned regularly, so perhaps a cleaning kit, tablets, replacement hoses, or mouthpieces would be helpful.
  • How about environmentally friendly soap like Wilderness Wash for mess kits and camp cookware cleaning? Additional camp cooking utensils and attachments may also be handy.
  • TearAid Tape is also an excellent gift item for your environmentally conscious hikers or loved ones who have that beloved hiking item with holes in it that they refuse to get rid of.