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The goEast Community is here to help our readers and customers gear up, get out and #goEast by being the source for outdoor inspiration, beta, news, and stories. We’re the Northeast’s great virtual campfire.

Read about the best Northeast locations to hike, climb, paddle and more, the best tips, tricks and gear to get you outside, as well as stories, features and experiences from the rest of the EMS community. Check it out, start reading, and join the conversation at GOEAST.EMS.COM.


  • 100+ employee-written articles since July 2016.
  • More than 16,000 monthly active readers and nearly 28,000 monthly page views.
  • Readers are primarily from NY, MA, NH, CT and PA, but also come from across the US and world!
  • Articles are being shared on EMS’s Facebook (74,000 likes) and Instagram (23,000 followers), as well as Twitter and in emails.
  • EMS employees have been paid more than $14,000 since July 2016 for content.

Get paid to contribute your writing skills and know-how!

We need your help and writing skills to make goEast as good as it can be! You’re the industry experts, so we want to share your stories, your expertise, your passions, and your thoughts with our readers! And it’s way easier to be a part of than you think!

Employees can make between $75 and $300 per article writing for goEast!

  • Short posts of roughly 200 words or less, quick news pieces, blog posts, videos, etc. (Tier 3) earn $75 each.
  • Average posts of roughly 500 words, most listicles, gear highlights, location guides, etc. (Tier 2) earn $150 each. This tier makes up roughly 90 percent of the content on goEast.
  • Longer posts of roughly 900 words or more, longer features, Alpha Guides, special assignments, etc. earn $300 each.
  • All payouts are left to the discretion of the editor, based on the amount of work involved, time needed and more. If you have questions about which tier your article will fall in, ask the editor before you write an article.

Learn how to pitch your ideas and see suggestions here or by emailing our editor at rwichelns@ems.com.